Hi. After watching a few videos on the “Keys to Success,” I found some very intriguing tidbits, taken from a ten year study by Richard St. John.

Or, for more of an accurate term, these are the 8 traits that successful people have in common.

Now, all of us want to be successful, and live a good and prosperous life, am I right? I’m sure each and every one of us would agree. No one wants to live in poverty and experience misery, unless, of course, someone wants to live that way. Now I can’t say much for them.

But in going ahead, I’m going to be listing these 8 traits that would help you go on your way to being the most successful you can be.

8 Traits Found in Successful People

  1. Passion: In order to be successful, you MUST have a passion for what you wish to do. All, and I say ALL, of successful people absolutely love their jobs. They see their jobs as fun, and while those of you reading this will say, “working is fun?? I don’t see it that way!” others will be like, “but I don’t know what my passion is yet. :/” It’s all a matter of choosing what you enjoy in life, and focusing on that ONE thing and striving to be better. (I’ll elaborate on this focus later in #3) The first key to success is finding your PASSION. What you truly LOVE doing, and instead of finding it stressful, you find it invigorating and exciting.
  2. Work: You must work towards your goal. Hard work is the key to success, and without it, you would get nowhere. This is where the differences between straight A students and C-students come into play. C-average students feel the need to work harder and harder in order to achieve their goals, because they feel like they don’t have the capacity to be great. And that is why there are so many successful people out there, who were not very great students, or even smart in academics. However, straight-A students tend to believe that they are “great” and surpass everyone else. So when they get to an “easy” task, they don’t work as hard because they don’t feel the need to. This is where they’ll be led astray, and will not have the chance to move toward their goals, because they think they’re already above everything else. (Honestly, when I first heard this, I immediately thought of myself, which I admit sometimes I don’t work nearly as hard as I should since I sometimes feel that there is no need to.) SO WORK HARD. That is the second key to becoming successful.
  3. Focus: Focus, focus, FOCUS. That’s the key. Focus on what you want to do. Don’t let any side distractions distract you away from your focus. Set up blinds, throw away your phone, delete social media (eh, maybe don’t do that, but you get the gist) but ELIMINATE all distractions!!! That’s what will help you in your road to pure success. If you put all of your time and energy into your passion, your job, your work, you’ll definitely succeed.
  4. Push: Push towards your goal. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid if you’ll be judged, or even looked down upon, but keep on trucking. You need an incentive to reach your goal, and at times that incentive is going to turn out to be the invisibility cloak (ha ha, Harry Potter reference? Yes? No? okay). But anyways, you need to push yourself toward your goal, despite all obstacles in your way. However, remember to eliminate those obstacles first!
  5. Ideas: Come up with ideas in your line of work! This would give you a boost in your line of work, because then you would have contributed to your line of field, your work. People will acknowledge you for this, and there’s always the chance that you’ll be promoted!
  6. Improve: Get better! Key points to everything, learn and learn in order to hone in your skills and improve yourself overall. Improve yourself for you, don’t do it for others. Keep that in mind. 😀
  7. Serve: Serve others. Put others before yourself. This could get you advantages and favors as a result.
  8. Persist: And last of all, be PERSISTENT! Keep on trucking, no matter what you do, no matter what gets thrown at you, make sure that it would never drag you down, never let it overwhelm you.

Although these 8 traits are consistently found in successful people, it can also work for you. If you are willing to work hard for it, there’s always the chance that YOU, yes YOU, will be successful in your lifetime. Then again, it may not work for you. These are merely traits found in your extremely successful persons. Well, let me reword that. These traits helped them become successful, and it has been found that you can become successful with these ideas.

I sure hope to utilize these 8 ideas for my own personal use. Like many others, I sure do hope to become successful. But note: the most successful people don’t start out with the mindset of making a lot of money. They start out doing what they LOVE. And that all comes back to discovering your passion. I’m still discovering mine, and I have a heck of a long time to find it. But! It may take you 30 years, or even 50, to find what you truly wish to dedicate your whole life to. And that’s fine!

So there’s my little spill on success. But all creds goes to TedTalks!

*Bows* astrochara out.

Link to the youtube video: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOl0v54DaXo&gt;