Okay. So this is basically a book review on The Martian by Andy Weir.


There’s some serious science in that book, hence its category in the sci-fi section of the bookstore. Like come on, I’ve learned more science in that book than I ever will in school. Just kidding, I’m interested in majoring in astrophysics. 😛

Anyways, The Martian is basically about a guy who gets stranded on Mars. Yes, Mars. And believe it or not, NASA is planning to send astronauts to Mars in 2035, and SpaceX is planning to send astronauts on a flyby around Mars around 2025. Pretty awesome huh? I think so.

Going back to the story, Mark Watney gets stuck on Mars and he basically has to find a way to survive. On Mars. And of course, he has limited food supplies that can last him for a few hundred sols (days on Mars. 2.9% longer than on Earth.) In the book, Watney needs to figure out a way to survive on Mars, with limited contact with NASA. Unfortunately, most of the time he’s in contact with no one but himself.

This book conveys the persistence of human nature and our unwillingness to give up hope. It tells the story of a man who, through many trials and life-threatening situations, prevailed in the hopes of getting off of the trying planet, and back into the arms of the human race.

Mind you, and I’m gonna say this straight up. THE HUMOR IS ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING. Weir’s sarcasm and witty humor is one to be loved. Trust me, just read the first page and you’ll be hooked. Meh, maybe not the first page. The very first line. This author sure uses the concept of the ‘hook’ we’ve all learned in school, but which we don’t necessarily use.

Still, The Martian is a work of art. *sparkles and glitter* A work of art, I say! It’s beautifully crafted, and completely fits into its category as science fiction. Andy Weir sure knows his stuff. Especially in the field of astronomy, physics, or heck, even just science. Like come on, orbital dynamics? Water reclaimer? EVA’s? Honestly when reading this book, I’ve been exposed to so many scientific terms it’s GLORIOUS. Oh oh, don’t forget EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION. Most epic thing you will ever find. Of course, not as amazing as spaghettification.

Okay and another note, if you haven’t seen The Martian the major motion picture yet, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOU WATCH THE MOVIE. I MEAN IT. Books are always better than the movie. *clutches heart*

Luckily, to wrap things up, I’m just gonna say one thing… READ. THIS. BOOK. If you don’t… you’ll regret life and all life in it. All you sci-fi fans? Hit me up and we can FANGIRL ABOUT ALL THE AMAZING CREATIONS THAT HAVE BEEN CREATED AS A RESULT OF SCI-FI. (By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a hardcore Star Wars fan. KYLO REN ALL THE WAY. But I think I love the original trilogy the best.)

Still, Andy Weir is a complete and utter genius! GENIUS I SAY.

Welp, there’s my little review on this amazing book I just finished!


From your very own,