First off, all I’ve gotta say is… ENDER’S SHADOW WAS ABSOLUTELY EPIC.

The book itself was a work of art. By far, this book is my favorite out of the books I’ve read from the Ender’s Series. I’ve read Ender’s side of the books: Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind. Don’t get me wrong, those books were amazing! However, my favorite still stands with Ender’s Shadow.

In this book, instead of it being in the perspective of Ender, the point of view has been handed over to Bean, one of Ender’s trusted friends. Honestly, I’ll say that I endear more to Bean than I do Ender.

Bean is this small and very intelligent child. He’s much shorter in stature for children his age, however, his intellectual capabilities far exceed those of his peers and even full-grown adults. He is an orphan, living in the streets of Rotterdam. Instead of caring to forage for food through garbage cans, Bean prefers to watch and analyze.

He watches the behaviors of others, and his actions are very carefully calculated. At the age of four, Bean knew enough to devise a plan for his own survival, as well as the survival of others.

As he is sent to Battle School, located in a station in space, he learns how to utilize his intelligence by hacking his way through the school system. There, he is to be trained to ultimately fight the Buggers who are threatening to destroy the human race.

There are several obstacles that stand in Bean’s way, such as his old enemy, Achilles. However, through thick and thin, Bean manages to elude all secrets, and with only using his vastly intelligent mind, he uncovers military tactics throughout history.

I highly recommend this book to whomever is interested in sci-fi, or any sort of fiction for that matter. Orson Scott Card is a great author, and you will NEVER be disappointed by his works.