Romulus and Remus is a very well-known Greek myth which has inspired many great works of art. Here, three works of art will be displayed, all inspired by the story of Romulus and Remus.

The Capitoline She-Wolf



Artist: Antonio del Pollaiolo

Year: 11th/12th century

This bronze statue represents the she-wolf that took Romulus and Remus in when they were wee babes. In the story, it was said that she raised the boys along with her own cubs, and as in the picture, it’s showing her nursing them as her own children.

Altar from Ostia


Artist: Unknown

Year: 124 CE

Altar from Ostia shows the discovery of Romulus and Remus by the she-wolf. The men standing above the wolf and her adopted children are the gods, as well as the adoptive father of the twins.

The Intervention of the Sabine Women   


Artist: Jacques-Louis David

Created: 1796-1799

This subject, from ancient Rome, was the aftermath of the rape of the Sabines when, to ensure the population growth of their city, Romulus and his Romans abducted the women of their neighbors, the Sabines. Three years passed before the Sabine men, led by Tatius, mounted a counterattack. The central figure is a woman, Hersilia, who forces herself between Romulus, her husband, on the right, and the Sabine Tatius, her father, on the left. Other women cling to the warriors and place themselves and their children between the opposing groups.