Having trouble with Latin class or just willing to expand on your knowledge of mythology? Here’s a chart that lists some mythological terms as well as their sources and English definitions. Hope this helps on your quest!! (Aha, see what I did there?)

Mythological Term Mythological Source English Definition
1. adonis youth loved by Aphrodite and Persephone handsome young man
2. draconian Harsh laws prepared by Greek Draco of Athens, Greece. Exceedingly severe laws. Any law of unusual harshness.
3.  laconic Laconic area that included the city of Sparta where the Spartans were known for their brief speech. Concise, abrupt, or few of words.
4.  procrustean Procrustes invited travelers to spend the night with him. If they did not exactly fit onto the iron bed, hee would either stretch them or lop off their feet until they conformed to the size of the bed. Attempt to produce uniformity by severe means.
5.  stygian Characteristic of the river Styx. Infernal or hellish, completely binding.
6.  aegis Mythological shield associated with Zeus and Athena. Power to protect.
7.  elysian Elysian Fields place of great happiness
8.  lethargic legend of the river Lethe physical slowness and mental dullness
9.  protean Proteus, prophetic old man of the sea. ability to do many different things
10.  tantalize Tantalus, who offended the gods torment or tease someone
11.  auroral Aurora was the roman goddess of the dawn. Was called Eos Reference to the dawn or period of dusk before sunrise
12.  iridescent Iris, the goddess of the rainbow luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles
13.  mentor Friend of Odysseus and tutor of Telemachus. wise advisor
14.  saturnine Roman god Saturn moody, mysterious, gloomy
15.  titanic immense size of the Titans exceptional strength or power
16.  bacchanalian Roman festival in honor of Bacchus drunken revelry
17.  jovial Jove – Jupiter, Roman ruler of the gods happy
18.  nemesis Nemesis was goddess of retribution and revenge long standing rival – archenemy
19.  siren Sirens who called sailors to their deaths temptress
20.  herculean strong Hercules Strong, powerful, strength
21.  chimerical Chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid. existing only as the product of imagination
22.  labyrinthine labyrinth built by Daedalus maze, to confuse
23.  panic god Pan uncontrollable fear
24.  stentorian Stentor was a herald on the Greek side during the Trojan war loud voiced
25.  martial Roman god Mars warlike


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