Starting a science post with a comparison between the earth and a hot pocket is always bound to pique one’s interest. Actually, this post will be a comparison between the earth and a hot pocket! Who will win??

The Crust

Let’s start from the exterior and wiggle our way down deep into the hot INNARDS.

Earth’s Crust

Okay, this part of Earth is what we all have stepped on at one point or another. Unless you’re a great no-no of stepping outside of your home, then maybe you haven’t ever stepped on the Earth’s crust. Then again, I admire you for your adversity and probable gaming profession. Not to say that I don’t play video games, but World of Warcraft is calling to me.


To the point, Earth’s crust consists of oceanic crust and continental crust. The continental crust of landmasses is much thicker than that of the crust under the oceans, or the oceanic crust. To be clear, although the crust is rigid, it’s broken into a series of tectonic plates that fit together.


Hot Pocket’s Crust

A hot pocket’s crust consists of flour and yeast. It’s what holds the hole hot pocket together! Without the crust, sadly, there would be no hot pocket. 😦


The Mantle

The mantle is basically the middle layer. Right below the crust.

Earth’s Mantle

The mantle is the middle layer of Earth. Most of the mantle is rigid but plastic in nature. Now, not like plastic plastic. Not like the material we all see and use on a regular basis, but plasticity is the ability of a substance under high temperature and pressure to flow, even when it’s solid. The main zones of the mantle include the lithosphere and the asthenosphere. Big words. Basically, the lithosphere consists of the rigid upper mantle and the crust directly above it and the asthenosphere consists of the fluid lower mantle.


Oddly enough, though reasonable, the deepest portion of the mantle, where temperatures are highest (about 4,000℃), has a different composition than the portion near the crust, where temperatures are around 500℃. The difference in composition causes movement of mantle material known as convectional movement. Convectional movement would be where higher temperature materials rise while lower temperature materials sink.

Hot Pocket’s Mantle

Referring back to the picture at the top, the hot pocket’s mantle would be the mantle of sauce! Delicious, yummy, red tomato sauce. Hot tomato sauce, that is.


The Core

The core is the hottest section of both the Earth and a hot pocket!!!

Earth’s Core

The earth’s core has two regions, the inner core and outer core. The inner core of Earth is thought to be solid iron. The outer core is molten. As Earth spins on its axis, rotation of the liquid outer core generates Earth’s magnetic field.

Earth’s core is made up of two regions, the inner core and the outer core. The inner core is believed to be solid iron, and the outer core is molten.


Awesome fact: as Earth spins on its axis, rotation of the liquid outer core generates Earth’s magnetic field. This magnetic field protects us from radiation from the sun! So thank goodness we have this magnetic field.

Even AWESOMER fact: It’s been discovered that Earth’s core spins at a faster speed than Earth’s crust!

Hot Pocket’s Core

The hot pocket’s core, like the earth, consists of an outer and inner core. The outer core is the cheesy, wheesy, cheese part. Mmmmm, sounds good doesn’t it? The inner core is the SCALDING hot inside, or whatever it’s consisted of. Cheese, tomatoes, meat, you name it! It’s a hot pocket after all!



Okay, Earth’s structure and a hot pocket’s structure may be clinically similar in some aspects, but reluctantly, I say that the Earth’s crust is much more complex than that of a hot pocket.

The crust, mantle, and core of the Earth is insane! There’s still a lot that scientists don’t know about the insides of the Earth, but we’re getting there!

But wait… we can always fall back on the hot pocket. The hot pocket will always be here for us. We understand the hot pocket. We’ve tasted the hot pocket. (Except maybe for those monsters who haven’t. It’s all good.) But the hot pocket will always be here to satisfy us.


Though you can argue that the Earth is what provides for the production of hot pockets. If you want to fight me, do so in the comments. Using whatever tactics there are, I shall bring the glory that the hot pockets deserve.