Junior year. Everyone says it’s a difficult year, what with the national tests such as the SAT and ACT and whatnot. Basically, as a junior, you have to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. Deciding that at the age of 16 is definitely not an easy task.

Although, today was my first day of this hectic year. Not really excited with the prospect of four AP classes, but at least there are two which I am most definitely looking forward to. That would be AP Calculus BC and AP Physics.

Calculus. Now why would someone love math?? *Raises hand* I do!

All of the math classes I’ve previously taken have just spewed out math concepts, such as logarithms and limits, without explaining what or why we perform the math. In my calculus class, I have a wonderful teacher, who is actually excited about teaching math. Much unlike my Pre-Calc teacher. Phew – don’t get me started about that.

I’m super stoked to learn that in this year’s class, we’ll be talking about why we’re doing math and what it actually is. I’ve always loved math, but unfortunately, I never had the chance to expand upon the information I’ve learned. It’s about time I used it in real-life situations.

Now to the exciting sciences.

Yes, I’m a science nerd. I love love loooove to read scientific articles. That’s specifically why I took a science class over the summer, and though I have all of my science credits fulfilled, I’m planning to take at least two more. That’s right, I said at least. 

Well, I’m STOKED for AP Physics! It involves science and math! Isn’t that awesome?? From what the teacher has said, we’ll be learning how machines work, and I’m just all about that stuff. Weird, but I have a ton of old gadgets and tech sitting in my room, with its insides pouring out. Why? I just love taking them apart and getting my fingers dirty. (Maybe not the dirty part. But you get what I mean.)

I think maybe the reason why I’m so excited for physics is because I get to learn why things move and how. I also wish to create things that can move in that way, and in better ways as a result. Except…. dun dun dun! In space! Yes, I want to be an astronautical engineer! I would do anything to have the opportunity to build spacecraft. *~*

Okay okay… to the history’s.

AP US History… is not something I’m looking forward to. History has never been my strongest point, and I haven’t found an interest in it. However this year, I feel as if I may grow to have a better appreciation for history. Learning about our governmental structure would help me become a better citizen in the long run, and truthfully, I’m somewhat interested in our country’s policies as well as those of other countries.

Well, those are the three main classes I have this semester.

Let’s hope this is a good year.