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November 2016

Scientists Have Created a Wormhole

Scientists have created a wormhole in a lab! Sadly, for us sci-fi geeks and nerds, it’s a magnetic wormhole, not a gravitational one. Quite fortunately it still has the same fundamentals of a wormhole and is awesome in its own way!

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Thanksgiving in Space

Happy Thanksgiving! In the United States, family gathers together to share what it is they are thankful for, and to spend time with one another. However, in space, astronauts don’t have the opportunity to meet and gather with their families – they are still required to work. Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Space”

My Profession – An Astronautical Engineer

Choosing a profession at the ripe age of sixteen can be quite daunting. With the knowledge that I had to choose a career path that could possibly affect my future in only a span of two years in the back of my mind, it made choosing a profession very intimidating. However, after some research and internal conflicts I had to overcome, I finally decided that I would happily dedicate my life to a career specializing in astronautical engineering. Continue reading “My Profession – An Astronautical Engineer”

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