Although there are various problems in today’s society, a problem that itches the back of my and physicists’ minds continues to exist. The struggle to unify the theories of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity is ever-growing. Now, this may not seem to be an important problem such as world hunger, but in a way, it is. Uniting the theories of the big and the small is not a simple task. The separation of these great theories leaves a huge gash in our understanding of the universe. How will we truly understand the macrocosm we live in? True, we could continue to use quantum mechanics to study objects on the microscopic level and continue to use the theory of relativity for the large objects, but when will we ever say “Why not find another method that’s unified?”

Physicists have repeatedly attempted to use mathematics to prove that quantum mechanics and relativity was in some way related to one another, but every single time they found themselves to be extremely unsuccessful. The results originating from one end of the spectrum is so horrifyingly different from the other theory. It’s a huge problem in advanced physics, and only the usage of STEM ideals can thus prove that there will be a theory that unifies these repelling theories.

I constantly wonder what the solution may be, but then being a “beginner” to this field of physics, I can only wish to gain greater educational experience to then solve this problem. There are problems in STEM fields too, and should never be overlooked despite its “unimportance” to the real world. In my world, its an issue, and I hope to one day build machines that will assist in the discovery of this unifying theory.