Education has always been an important aspect in my life. There’s no distinct line between my short and long term educational goals. In all honesty, it has always been more of a long term goal in terms of gaining knowledge. Whatever it is I learn in highschool, I wish to apply the knowledge to circumstances in the future. I don’t take classes for the class rank, or to participate in every single club to look good on my college applications; however, I do take classes that pique my interest and challenge myself to the best of my ability and participate in several clubs where I take a role that has meaning to the extension and reach of the club. I do all of this in order to make myself a better leader, speaker, and innovator. Therefore, what I do today will extend my reach in the future, such as going to a four-year university for a major in aerospace engineering. I then would use skills I learned to specialize in astronautics and create spacecraft and/or probes that will help us better understand the universe on a macroscopic or microscopic scale. In the end, the knowledge I obtain today will continue to manifest into something greater in the near future.