This is a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to install and set-up Android Studio.

First, you must install Android Studio. Here are the links to the website with the downloads: If you have a Mac or a Linux operating system, then scroll down further for your package.

2017-06-16 (2).png

Once the download has finished, right-click on the download and select “Extract All.” This may take awhile.

2017-06-16 (3)

Once you’ve finished extracting the package, go through the set-up and make sure to choose the Standard customization. You will download everything you need after transferring in your code. You may want to keep Android Studio in a location you can refer back to, but that isn’t necessary.

2017-06-16 (6)

You will be led to this screen if you successfully installed Android Studio.

At this point, if you already have an available file you can download, then go ahead and click on “Open an existing Android Studio Project” and if not, then you can create a new project and clone and pull the repository using version control from:

However, this tutorial will walk you through the steps if you already have an existing file for Android Studio. Although, if you clone the repository, then the rest of this tutorial will show you what you need to install as you go through the code.

If so, then click on “Open an Existing Android Studio Project” and look for the file name. If you can’t find it, then transfer the package to a location that will make it easier for you to find. Once you’ve done that, open the file and let Gradle build the project for you.

2017-06-17 (1).png

As you can see in the above picture, you will run into some compilation errors. In the bottom box Android Studio informs you that you need to install certain packages for the code to work. Click on the blue, and install everything that it asks you to do.

2017-06-17 (2).png

Once that’s finished, you still will receive a small error in the bottom right corner stating that it can’t find git.exe. This means that you will have to install Git in order for your code to work in a fashionable manner.

Click on this link to install Git on your computer:

Then, go through the set-up.

Yes, there’s a lot of waiting involved. However, once Git has finished downloading, click on the highlighted blue “Fix it” in the bottom right hand corner.

2017-06-17 (3).png

As you will see, the “Path for Git” will be a default “git.exe”. If you test this, an error will be relayed back to you. To find the “git.exe”, open the command line (type in cmd in your computer search bar) and type in “where git”.

2017-06-17 (6).png

That’s an extremely small picture, but it should return to you the location of where “git.exe” is. Copy and paste that location into the corresponding box.

Click “OK” and you’re good! You set up Android Studio!

Have fun messing around with the code and learning how to code for FTC Robotics.

However, Android Studio can be used for much more than Robotics. You can use it to create apps, etc. Make the most of it!

Comment if you have any questions.