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Mythological Terms

Having trouble with Latin class or just willing to expand on your knowledge of mythology? Here’s a chart that lists some mythological terms as well as their sources and English definitions. Hope this helps on your quest!! (Aha, see what I did there?)

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Romulus and Remus Inspired Artwork

Romulus and Remus is a very well-known Greek myth which has inspired many great works of art. Here, three works of art will be displayed, all inspired by the story of Romulus and Remus. Continue reading “Romulus and Remus Inspired Artwork”

The Odyssey – Resources

Trying to study The Odyssey? Know that The Odyssey is a great work of ancient literature, although it’s not always open to easy interpretation. This web-page will be able to provide you with online resources that will assist you on your way to understanding the underlying concepts of The Odyssey. Use this page as a resource to guide yourself through the many small stories that are found in The Odyssey. Continue reading “The Odyssey – Resources”

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